Life in our van

It’s only day 3 but already our van has become an interesting space as we decompress from the intensity of our learning tour visits. We thought we’d share some of the stories so you can get to know a small piece of our life travelling together.

1. The time that Thomas Davida and Jolene all woke themselves up in a row to their own snores.

2. Today, after a depressing afternoon witnessing “Operation Streamline” (we will write more in another post), we were all tired and down. However, our sleepy demeanour may have also been influenced by our lack or coffee in the morning. After a quick stop at a downtown cafe, the van went from being a solemn set of wheels to a rambunctious fifteen passenger. Apparently… nosotros amamos cafe.

3. Singing spanish songs! Jeannette has begun teaching us all spanish through song. We learned “No, No No Nos Moveran” (No we shall not be moved) and had a pleasant sing song in the fun bus.

4. Discovering new things like a separate rear control for the cool air! Life saver for all of us.

5. When we discovered that a head count really is important. After breaking in a park, in Green Valley, we all loaded into the van and began to back out, before noticing that we were down one teammate. We forgot Tyler. No worries Charlene, we got him.

Now we’re on route to Mexico! By the time we post this we’ll have crossed the border and settled in at HEPAC in Nogales, Sanora. (*addition: we made it!)

That’s all for now. We’re all alive, well, and accounted for.

– the group

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