Walking the desert with Green Valley Samaritans

This morning we met with Shura, an American lady who has dedicated her retirement to being a humanitarian for Migrants travelling through the desert by her home in Green Valley. Through the Green Valley Samaritans, which she founded, she and other volunteers, travel out into the desert to provide water and food for migrants, who travel through the desert at night after crossing the border. The conditions are treacherous and they are often un prepared, being told it’s a 5 mile walk to Tucson- a trip that is really 75 miles or a 7 days walk. These are some photos from our walk in the desert and the items we came across, left behind by unknown travellers. Some of the possible reasons they were left behind are, they were caught by border patrol, they were too heavy, or the coyotes may have had them pack into a vehicle where they weren’t aloud to take more on.

more info on Green Valley Samaritans: http://gvsamaritans.org

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2 thoughts on “Walking the desert with Green Valley Samaritans

  1. Thank you for sharing your reflections on your walk in the desert. Such a tough and brutal journey for so many walking the journey towards Tucson. We are grateful for your learnings. Enjoy HEPAC and the amazing work that is happening in Nogales! Stay well!


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