Our final day on the norther border

This morning we arose,
with many a stuffed nose,
earlier than any of us desired,
we loaded into the van, still tired

Our border crossing endeavour,
turned out to be an adventure,
an hour we waited, no less,
making very little progress,

Finally, we hit the open road,
only to stop, was the tire going to explode?
false alarm, the van was fine,
but to visit Nogales, we did not have the time

To Tucson we drove,
and arrived at Luzdy’s humble abode,
we ate, we rested,
we debriefed our thoughts collected,

Before we departed, we were in for a treat,
we heard music coming down the street,
with childlike delight, Thomas let out a scream,
We rushed outside, “We love ice cream”,

Today we said goodbye to many amigos,
Sandra, Luzdy, Jenny, Jeannette… Adios!
Waving goodbye, to Phoenix we went,
Our week at the border, time well spent.

Much Love,
Sherianne, Krystal, Danielle

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