A Cultural Day in Mexico City

The day started by taking the subway and a train to a small Mennonite Church a ways away from the Casa. We saw some of your young Mennonite friends from the day before: Oscar played the electric guitar and drums while Yvonne translated for us. The whole congregation gave us a warm welcome and made us feel at home. The music was amazing with many Spanish songs being sung.

After church we had a pic-nic in the biggest park in Mexico City. We could see it from the airplane when we arrived even. We had tortas (sandwiches) and a variety of fruit including cactus! The park had a lot going on including an Indigenous group of Mexico doing a cultural display which included four men (one playing the flute and drum) propelling down by a string attached to their ankle from a 20 metre high pole. It was crazy!

We headed across the street to the other side of the park where the historic museum is located which is in an amazing castle on the top of a hill which oversees the city. We saw lots of interesting and beautiful art work, murals and displays. Although all the information was in Spanish, we could still understand much of the history through the displays, images and artifacts.

We quickly bussed home and many of us stopped for coffee at our new favourite coffee shop. We all put on our finest clothes and marched on down to the ballet folklorico. What an experience! First, the building was amazing with stain glass and murals everywhere and the building was basically made of marble. As we took our seats in the ‘nose bleeds’ and tied Jolene to her seat with Joel’s belt, due to fear of heights, we knew we were in for a real treat! The dances told the stories of Mexico and its many struggles and triumphs. One of our favourite dances was the deer dance depicting a Indigenous group in Mexico not influenced by modern culture and that maintained their original autonomy. The dance told the story of how hunters killed the deer.

As we walked back to Casa our night was still not over. The many street vendors were still out and a man was making ‘fire paintings’ with spray paint and lighting it on fire. Wow!

We all fell into bed exhausted after another full day in Mexico City. But, after a good nights sleep we are ready for another full day and eager to learn more about migration.

All the Best.

Danielle, Krystal, Sherianne and Davida

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