First full day in Chiapas

Today we woke up with the heat already too much to bear! It got up to around 33 degrees with a humidity of 45! We don’t expect you to feel too sorry for us, but it took a little getting used to. We visited the International organization for Immigration in the morning, they tend to people who have been injured on their migration (potentially due to gang violence or getting on/off the train) to or though Mexico. They also tend to people with HIV, tuberculosis, and provide a place to stay for families with people in the hospital. They have up to 50-60 people at one time. The volunteers tend to the injured, cook, have sewing classes and workshops to help fund the shelter, they also get prosthetics for people that have lost limbs on their journeys.

We then drove to the town that is home to Cafe Justo where they grow and produce their own coffee beans. We had visited the one in Agua Prieta so it was neat to see where it started from, also a lot of families work at both places. We toured the building and saw the process of the beans being picked to the grinding of coffee. During the tour they brought us fresh bananas and ended it with a fresh cup of coffee, we all agreed that was the best cup we’ve ever had!

After a quick walk to the coffee fields in the rain (which ended up being quite the trek up two hills and deep into the field) we toured a lovely cabin built by one of the families. It was unexpectedly the most wonderful place we’ve seen here, with lush green grass, flowers, a pool, and palm trees. By this time the sun had long set and we walked over to a family’s house for dinner. Listening to the birds and music in the background and feeling the wind and dampness in the air it almost felt like we were on a tropical island. We drove back to Tapachula and are settling in for the night and will be ready to learn more tomorrow!

Once again thanks for all your prayers! Blessings!


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