A river and a lake

Yesterday morning we began our day with a trip to the border of Mexico and Guatemala. As we walked towards the river, to the right was the official border crossing. To the left, no more than 500 metres up the river, just like the opening scene of Sin Nombre, there they were. Using the taxi services of giant inner tubes, navigating across the river those without proper documentation entered into Mexico.

In a sense, our learning tour came full circle with this visual. Having seen the dramatic ending at the US Border, the pit stop in Mexico City, and finally the initial river crossing. Personally I couldn’t help feeling a sense of optimism in this spot, the journey for a better life is underway. I also wonder how many stories they’ve heard of this treacherous trail before leaving. Tales of inhumanity, injustice, and the rare chance of success. Whatever the case, their journey had begun.

We only witnessed the river crossing for a brief time, as we were then back into the van for a four and a half hour road trip to Lagos de Colon, the lake we spent the night at. The windy road gave us a wonderful look into the Mexican country side. Mountains, valleys, waterfalls, and a look at rural Mexican civilization had our eyes glued to the windows.

We eventually rolled into a town where we had lunch at Mayra’s restaurant. We would hear more from her tomorrow, but first we finished our trek to the lake. A picturesque utopia that echoed tranquility, the gang spent the remainder of the night checking out the waterfall, swimming, relaxing, you name it. An excellent opportunity to unwind as the end of our tour draws near.


2 thoughts on “A river and a lake

  1. Thank you, all of you, for your reflections on the people and places that you are encountering. Your stories continue to be compelling, engaging, and describe lives that are so precarious…full of struggle and great hope. Thank you for carrying their stories to us.

    Stay well and safe!


  2. Joel, you are a great writer! I’ll be waiting for the book of your adventures someday. Good to hear you all were able to have some peaceful time in the south 🙂


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