We Are Headed North

Today was the day that marked the end of our time at the Southern Border. We spent our last morning in Tapachula enjoying a casual breakfast and wandering through the streets near our hotel. Some of us attempted to visit a cocoa co-op, however, this turned into an unanticipated adventure. After walking around for some time, we succumbed to the heat and humidity and decided give up looking for the co-op and get frappeccinos instead.

By mid-afternoon it was time for us to say goodbye to Tapachula. We piled into taxis and drove to the airport. However, right before we were about to board, we saw dark clouds on the horizon. Apparently Tapachula wasn’t quite ready to let us go. We waited in the plane for an hour before the lightning stopped and we were given the all clear.

We safely arrived in Mexico City and are settling back into our beds at Casa de los Amigos. Our next two days will be filled with debriefing, reflecting, and a little bit more sightseeing. Thank you for your prayers and continued support as we are on the last leg of our journey.


2 thoughts on “We Are Headed North

  1. Thanks for your reflections, Danielle! Glad that you are all safe and sound in Mexico City. I hope the next few days of debriefing will help you all process the stories that you have heard. We are looking forward to hearing and learning from you about what you saw and heard.


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