Debriefing Dia Uno

The day was a very relaxed day overall. We woke up and had a very causal breakfast altogether. Soon enough though we were back around the boardroom table discussing how this entire trip had impacted us as people. Jolene had us think about how we would approach people with what we learned. Would people want to listen to us? With all the information we have learned how do we start the conversation? Migration is a big topic and an issue that stretches far beyond one single thought pattern. For this reason it has been overwhelming all of us these past few weeks. So how are we supposed to explain to people what we have seen, learned, and experienced, when it is a complex issue for each of us still? These are issues that continued to be tackled throughout the debrief. After a little bit of free time we were back at it. This time with Chris, he works in advocacy for MCC in the Central American context. Through various conflict mapping tools he had us look at push and pull factors in migration and map the actors at play in the conflict and see how they are connected. With these tools, although largely oversimplifying a very complex issue, helped us put into context the things we had seen. Many of us have been left with a desire to do more than just talk about the issue. Chris showed us ways in which we as individuals can take on advocacy and try and make a difference with what we have learned. With the privilege we have, it has been said that it is our responsibility to do something with it.

Peace and Love,

2 thoughts on “Debriefing Dia Uno

  1. Thanks for sharing, Tyler! I know blogging can be tiring, but I’m appreciating all of these thoughts and updates.


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