Hello everyone!  Our adventure begins in just four more sleeps.  Crazy!  We are getting very excited to begin our journey together.  All the participants will meet up this Friday evening in Calgary for the beginning of our orientation before flying to Tapachula, Mexico on Monday May 4th.  The participants this year are myself (Erin Willems), Thomas Coldwell, Ehpaw Eh, Tonja Friesen, Katrina Doran and Josie Willms.

We begin in Tapachula Mexico on the 4th and the first few days of the trip will be spent in Guatemala and exploring the Southern border.  On the 9th of May, we fly to Mexico City and spend some time learning about migration.  On May 16th, we will fly to Phoenix and spend some time in Northern Mexico and learn about the Northern border.  After a short debrief in Tuscon, we will then fly home on May 25th.

If you would like to follow us on our journey, we will be posting regularly on this blog to keep everyone at home informed about our learning and our adventures.  Talk to you all again soon!