Sunday May 10, 2015

Our Sunday started off with us going to church at The Church Seguidores de Cristo. To get there we had to take the Metro. A very scary thought for someone who has never really been on public transportation. Since May 10th was Mother’s Day, that is what the service was based on. Though it was all in Spanish and it was a new experience to be in a different church that you don’t know the language of. After church we had lunch with the congregation. There was chicken, beef, and salad along with cactus and onions. Eating cactus was a new experience but it wasn’t bad.
After lunch we went exploring a part of Mexico City that wasn’t originally part of the city along with Alex and Katie (who are on Yamen and Salt) It was a very beautiful part of the city. Some of us went to visit the Frida Kahlo Museum while the rest of us were wandering around the area. I went along with the group that was walking around and it was a blast. We got to see the market that was around there and see the many dogs that were around. The scenery of that part of the city is great. It was great to see the culture of Mexico through wandering around. We stopped to play hacky sack at one point and had Churros! I had never had Churros before and they are really good. I recommend that you try them!
After our wanderings and museum sightings, we came back to the Casa de los Amigos and had a potluck with the Quakers of the house. It was a really fun day where we got to see some of the great things of Mexico City and there is still more to come. 
We will keep you posted with more adventures!!

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