Guatemala Photos



This river marks the border between Mexico and Guatemala. Many migrants cross the river at these unofficial border crossings. Many people have family on both sides of the border and cross frequently for commerce. We crossed the official border into Guatemala on May 5th and returned to Tapachula on May 8th.


We have been using many different modes of transportation. One of our favourites was the “tricycles” in Guatemala!


The beautiful highlands of Guatemala.


We visited San Miguel to learn about the resistance towards mining in this area. The machines below are “remaking” this mountain with chemical waste from the mining process. This Canadian open pit mining has removed the resource-filled mountain and has created environmental, health, and social problems for the surrounding communities.


After our night in San Marcos, we travelled to the community of Tonina located at the base of the Tacana volcano. The road was under construction so we hiked the rest of the way up the mountain. It was quite the workout in the high altitude, but the view at the top was well worth it!


Exploring Tonina.


We learned about MCC’s support for Tonina’s vegetable and flower gardens. Selling these products helps community members  stay in Tonina instead of migrating to the cities. The flowers were beautiful!





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