More Mexico City Photos


We stayed at Casa de los Amigos for our first two nights in Mexico City. This Casa is a space where people from all over the world can come together and live in harmony (including migrants and refugees). The Casa offers support for refugees and migrants in Mexico City.



Exploring Mexico City.



Some ancient ruins next to the Cathedral.


Inside the Palacio Nacional.




The Palacio Nacional in the background. 


Inside the Mexico City Cathedral.



We took a trip to Teotihuacan with MCC SALTer Katie who is serving in Mexico City. It was great to make a new friend! We really enjoyed exploring this ancient city and hiking up both the Pyramid of the Sun (in this picture) and the smaller Pyramid of the Moon.



This statue was recently put up in Mexico City. It represents the 43 kidnapped students and questions why the government has not given the public answers about their whereabouts. 



The group in front of the Monumento a la Revolutcion near Casa de os Amigos. We had the chance to take the glass elevator up the monument and enjoy the view from the top! 


We often used the city’s subway system for transportation. We have a list of all the methods of transportation we were able to experience (it may come to the blog soon…).



This is the Palacio Bellas Artes. This is where the group went to enjoy the Ballet Folklorico.


Some views of the city. 



Clementine with MCC Mexico and SALTer Katie taught us about MCC’s work.


A very powerful documentary on migration in Central America. We watched this to help us learn about the realities for migrants and all of the “actors” in the migration stories. 


Many of us were very impressed by CAFEMIN, a migrant shelter in Mexico City. This shelter supports both women with families and single men. We were most impressed by the amount of workshops and programs that the shelter offered. Migrating peoples could learn sewing, computer skills, cooking, etc. It is also a very colourful space with the paintings on the walls.


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