Some Nogales Photos

 On May 16th we flew from Mexico City to Pheonix, Arizona. We then drove from Pheonix (with our healthy McDonald’s supper)  to Tucson with Tito from HEPAC. In Tucson, we picked up Luzdy from MCC West Coast and together we travelled to Nogales, Sonora to settle in to HEPAC community centre. Our last portion of Uprooted will focus on the border between Mexico and the United State and the communities who live in these borderlands. 


This is one of the largest communities in Nogales. Most of the people in this community work in the U.S. factories located next door. 


This factory (and all of the workers) was abandonned by “Legacy.” We heard from one of the men who used to be employed by this company. He shared that they went away for the weekend, and when they returned the locks were changed and the company had left. The workers still have not received their severance. Many people have migrated north to Nogales because of the factories and the promise of employment from the Mexican government. However, there are many challenges for those working in these factories (including poor working conditions, low salaries, etc.).


The group learning about Jose Antonio, a Mexican boy who was shot and killed by Border Patrol in this location a couple years ago.


The group (and some new friends) at the border wall. 


Art on the wall. 


Visiting the University of Sonora.


Today we met with Taller Yonke (Junkyard Workshop), an organization who aims to reclaim public spaces for public art in Nogales. They made the art on the wall shown above. This was a very neat time to learn about those who want to make Nogales a more welcoming and beautiful place. These are some murals painted by Taller Yonke.



 Beautiful things grow in the desert. 

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