More Northern Border Photos!


Visiting the Kino Border Initiative in Nogales. We helped serve a meal to migrants and participated in some fun activities. 


The border wall. 


Mark Adams from Frontera de Cristo sharing about the border wall and the history behind migration. We are on the US side of the border in Douglas, AZ. 

The group on the border. 


Visiting Cafe Justo in Agua Prieta. This coffee cooperative is addressing some of the root causes to migration by providing employment and decent wages. 



Freshly roasted!


We visited Doulga Prieta for lunch and a tour of the garden. This cooperative involves gardening, English classes, and sewing.  These baby chicks were at the garden!  



The group hiked 12km in the Sonoran desert with Scott, a long-term missionary with HEPAC. We took food and water to the US/Mexico border in the desert for migrants who frequently take this route. Many migrants die trying to cross the desert because of the extreme weather conditions and lack of proper necessities. This is a long journey. The Sonoran Samaritan and the Green Valley Samaritans often bring food and water to strategic locations in the desert to offer humanitarian assistance to peoples on the move.


This Ziplock bag once included a pair of socks, granola/protein bars, canned food, bandaids, and a comb. Last week, Scott brought many packages to this border and we saw that they had been used by peoples on the move.

  The food and water we left on the border. 


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