Well it is the last night here in Tucson! We have been here in Tucson since Friday doing some debrief and spending some time with Luzdy, the MCC West Coast representative. On Friday we did a 12 km walk through the desert with Scott from HEPAC. It was an eye opening experience, and was really meaningful to walk where the migrants have walked before us. We left some water and food care packages for the migrants, and then continued on to Tucson. We have spent time together as a team talking about the things that we have learned and spending time encouraging each other as well. This morning we attended Shalom Mennonite Church. We had lunch after church with another group from all over North America and Colombia. They are starting a migrant walk tomorrow where they will walk 75 miles over the course of a week. The idea is not for them to recreate the experience of the migrants, but to walk in solidarity with them. We had a time of sharing with both groups, and it was neat to hear what they had been learning and experiencing during their time on the Northern border as well. Tonight Tito (from HEPAC) and Luzdy taught us some Salsa dancing, and other dancing moves, and we had a lot of fun laughing together (and perhaps at each other…). We have also enjoyed great food, Tim and Luzdy’s hospitality, some time in the sun, and at the pool, and catching up on some much needed sleep as well 🙂 The last few days in Tucson have been great, but we are all ready to come back to Canada tomorrow. See you all in one more sleep!!

One thought on “Debrief:

  1. Thanks for your blogs guys! So inspiring to read through your thoughts on the learning you’re experiencing! See you in 7.5 hours :)!

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