Uprooted 2016: It’s beginning!


group 2

The 2016 Team! Top left to right: Thomas Coldwell (MCC AB), Andrew Brown, Allanah DeJong. Bottom left to right: Allison Goerzen (MCC AB), Jana Klassen, Carol McNaughton, Maria Toro. 


They’re off!

This morning I had the privilege to see off this year’s Uprooted team. After 3 days of orientation, they are ready to go! By yesterday afternoon, you could tell they were ready to stop prepping and start the journey!

In the next three weeks, this team will travel from Tapachula (Southern Mexico) to northern Guatemala, to Mexico City, to Agua Prieta (Northern Mexico) and then to Tuscon, Phoenix.

We spent the past 3 days talking about the trip, becoming familiar with the context of Mexico and Latin America, learning about global and regional migration trends, and discussing the mindset necessary to enter into this journey.

Today is a long day of travel for the team. Their day started at about 4:30am and they will arrive at 10pm tonight! Please pray for them during this tiring day of travel. They will start full force on the learning tour tomorrow!

We greatly appreciate everyone who contributed to this orientation time. Thank you for your willingness to prepare with this team! A special thanks to Abe Janzen, Kim Thiessen, Orlando Vasquez, Rebekah Sears, Anna Vogt, Doug and Rose Klassen, and Alan and Marie McNaughton.

Stay tuned for more updates from the team!

— Carlie Heagy (MCC SK)

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