Nearing the End 

Well, we are nearing the end! It’s been three weeks since we finished debrief in Calgary and embarked on this journey. We left Douglas/Agua Prieta on Monday and are now in Tucson, Arizona at Shalom Mennonite Fellowship church. 

This past week in Douglas/Agua Prieta was facilitated by Frontera de Cristo, an MCC Mexico partner. We had the opportunity to visit many different organizations and hear many stories from people living on the border. We have experienced both hope and discomfort. 

Here are some photos from our week on the northern border: 

The Florence Project: an organization that helps detained migrants understand their legal rights.

After arriving in Phoenix, we spent the day with Joe and Selena who taught us about migrant detention centres.

Border beautification in Mexico.

The wall: Mexico on the left, the U.S. on the right.

Learning about the border wall and border communities with Jake from Frontera de Cristo.

Hiking in the desert. We traveled to the desert with CRREDA to leave water for people migrating on foot to the U.S.

Visiting Cafe Justo, a coffee cooperative that allows farmers to receive fair prices for their coffee.

Linda Knox took us for a walk to the border to pray and reflect in Douglas. She also showed us the graves of migrants who died in the desert but were unable to be identified. Many families will never know what happened to their loved ones.

We spent time at Dougla Prieta – a sustainable community development initiative. This project is located in a low-income part of Agua Prieta. We worked in the garden and planted corn.

Chiricahua National Monument (The Wonderland of Rocks) in Arizona.

Our last Mexico supper – tacos! This was our last meal before leaving Mexico and traveling to Tucson for debrief.

Happy birthday, Carol! Celebrating Carol’s birthday in Tucson with a DQ icecream cake.

Debriefing our experience with Saulo from MCC U.S.

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