2015 Program Itinerary. The itinerary and dates are subject to change slightly each year, however this gives a good idea of the partners that will be visited and the locations the program will travel to.

May 1 – 3 – Orientation in Calgary
May 4 – Depart for Tapachula Mexico
May 5 – 9 – Visit southern border: Witness border crossing, travel into Guatemala, visit to San Marcos, Sibinal, Marlin Mine, host family overnight stay, connect with community organizations
May 10 – 15 – Mexico City: Visit historic cultural sites, meet with refugee organizations, connect with MCC Mexico staff.
May 16 – Travel to Phoenix
May 17 – 23 – Visit Northern Border : travel to Nogales, AguaPrieta, Douglas, Green Valley and Florence. Visit community organizations, detention centres, local individuals and groups advocating for and working to support migrants.
May 24 – 25 – Debrief and return to Calgary


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